Great Changes and Great Expectations

This evening I am excited to finally write this post. It has been a long and very hard summer for myself and the staff at the office. We were blessed with the opportunity to purchase a great space on Forest Road, just around the corner from where I spent the last 5 years.

We have only been able to make this investment in the community because of the trust that you have put into our office. We appreciate that you have trusted us and helped us grow to the point where we needed more space.

It was not without its challenges, as we had to remodel the whole building before moving in. It kept us very busy practicing law by day and doing construction by night. I was so proud of how friends, clients and the staff were not afraid to get their hands dirty and help us get the job done. And our awesome clients were patient and encouraging during the process.  For me, it was incredibly humbling to see so many people put in the extra time and talent to make this change.

I also want to say a very public and sincere Thanks to my wife Cyndi and the other spouses who were patient as we worked hard to accomplish the task. We did the purchase and remodel in 30 days.

We still have some small things to wrap up, but all in all, we are getting great feedback on making the move.

We look forward to continuing our service to this great community!