2017 Year End Review

2017 Review

It has been a long and productive year at the firm. We started last year just settling in to a new building on Forest Road and with a new staff. Wanda also began her part time attorney life; which she seems to enjoy.

Once again we had significant growth. We are humbled and excited that the community is continuing to trust us with life’s major moments. The building seems to have been a good move. Many clients commented on it being easier to find and they like the sign.

Our team this year begins at the front with Bernadette Bracci. She is a legal assistant who handles scheduling and real estate closings along with a thousand small things that keep us rolling.

Next we have Marie Bailey, who has worked  hard as our real estate closer. We added some great new realtors to our client list this year and it is due to Marie and Bernadette’s hard work. She also loves her career and it shows in how she cares for our clients.

Then we have Ben Rathsam, an Associate who focuses on Criminal Defense and Family Law. He had many successful outcomes last year and its is exciting to see his practice develop.

This year we are adding Melissa Ogden to our team of attorneys. She has been working on projects for years but has decided to make it official in January 2018.

As mentioned, Wanda Yoder is part time now. She enjoys the freedom of retirement but has not been able to stop advocating for clients. She is blessed to love what she does.

I had a great year working on some larger cases. I have been blessed with the opportunity to become counsel for several companies. This has allowed me to really dive deep into business law and it has been exciting to see businesses move forward with my help.

We can not go forward in 2018 without recognizing that all our growth and opportunity came directly from relationships. People like you trusting us and referring us to others. Although we are not perfect, we strive for excellence at every turn. We are committed to doing serving ever better in 2018.

Thank you for allowing a trusted spot in this great community.